Recognized Curriculum

Dorsey High School Future Firefighter Class Schedule

The Future Firefighter Class at Dorsey High School will meet on Thursdays during Advisory Period.  The format we’ll utilize will be as follows.  

First Thursday:  Life Skill / Educational lecture

Second Thursday:Life Skill / Educational lecture

Third Thursday:Guest Speaker Series

Fourth Thursday:Law Enforcement Operations (LAPD officers)

For the months with a fifth Thursday, we will return to a life skill lecture.  For the guest speaker series and Law Enforcement Operations sessions, we will meet in the Courtroom to accommodate all of the students.  

​​Introduction to Future Firefighter Program / Class tour of A-128

​​Intro to the Fire Service and other Career Paths

​​Time Management / Goal Setting / Intro to Public Safety

​​Law Enforcement session

​​Basic Civics (Federal, State, Local Gov’t)

:​​Map Reading

​​Law Enforcement session


​​Motivational Speaker

​​Law Enforcement session

​​Military Branches (Speaker from the Navy)

​​History of Black Firefighters

​​History of Black Los Angeles

​​Guest Speaker

​​Law Enforcement session 

​​History of Women in the Fire Service

​​Financial Literacy

​​Guest Speaker 

​​Law Enforcement session

​​Utilities / Tool identification

​​College Preparedness

​​Law Enforcement session

​​Culture Preservation / Manhood rules / Chivalry / Respect

​​Monopoly Competition 

​​Course review​