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Welcome to the Junior Firefighter Youth Foundation, where we produce future firefighters. We are a community-based educational program that assists various schools in the greater Los Angeles region. We model proven leader ship, and use a mentoring teaching combination style that helps us produce a successful program.


Let’s take a moment to highlight and congratulate the accomplishments of Ms. Naima Davis.

Ms. Davis was the Fire Chief at Dorsey High School for the class of 2022 during the second semester. Naima started with the Junior Firefighter Youth Foundation as a 5th grader at Tom Bradley Elementary School in the Junior Fire Cadet Program.

She went onto Audubon Junior High, then on to Dorsey High School. She is now a freshman at California State University at Northridge and she is a member of the Los Angeles City Fire Department’s Crew 3, a volunteer wildland firefighting unit. She also participated in the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Women’s Fire Prep Program. She is being congratulated by Battalion Chief Sara Rathbun, one of the original instructors and now lead of the Program. 

The Foundation provided a scholarship to cover the cost of her EMT certification test. Naima is on her way to becoming a professional firefighter very soon. We can’t wait! Captain Burton and the Foundation team are very proud of this determined young lady!

Congratulations, Naima!

Dorsey High School Fire and EMS Magnet program.  Created by Garrick Thompson.